"brunch; a mid- to late-morning meal that is designed to be taken instead of breakfast and lunch. Or indeed, as well as."

Brunch is decadent and says 'well done' and warms you to your toes. Brunch asks those questions you never thought you needed to and fits into your life snugly. Brunch is your soul mate. Brunch is the bus that appears as soon as you arrive at the stop. Brunch is finding a hairdresser that just gets you. It's finding a pair of shoes that fit from the first trip out. It's when you drop your wallet and someone lets you know. Brunch is when your nana slips you a fiver when your parents aren't looking. Brunch is a cup of tea. Brunch is in the back looking righteous. Brunch is your favourite book. Brunch is your real favourite book; it's the one your parents read you when you were ten. Brunch is the Farewell Address and Tintern Abbey.

We know Brunch.

Served until 3pm.


— Our Favourite Brunches — 



Baked Eggs

Two baked eggs, braised rainbow chard, ricotta, parmesan and toasted sourdough.


Ham hock hash, peas, poached egg and mustard dressing.



Avo on Toast

Avocado on sourdough toast, chilli, feta and coriander


Ricotta pancakes, fresh fruit, maple syrup, cinder toffee butter.